haley and téa rip up supernatural and start over and also sometimes talk about other stuff: a podcast.
aka hatrusasoastaos:ap
aka: hatrusa

a weekly podcast about supernatural (usually). new episodes every thursday


hatrusa is a weekly podcast about supernatural, hosted by haley and téa, two writers who think that they could probably try their hands at this whole "writing a tv show" thing. this started out as a joke and has obviously gotten. way out of hand.


age 21, she/her. an english education major who has been in love with dean winchester since she was about 13 years old. has sold her eternal soul to the plot of supernatural even long after she stopped caring. here to be a pussy ass bitch.


22 years old, they/them, humanities major. indie author and freelance artist.
sam fan. stopped watching after season nine, but somehow, ended up here. here to be the meanie.

all art for hatrusa was made by the incredible sarah durst! you can find more of sarah's work at the link below: